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For Thousands Of Years Humankind Has Known The Power of Inner Healing & Now You Can Too!

Unlock Your Inner Healer

& Reclaim Your Power and Passion!

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It is our Mission to support spiritual seekers in accessing the most powerful force in the Universe... the innate healer within! Here at 3OMs, we help caregivers, healers, & empaths to access & amplify their healing capabilities so that they can increase their vitality and improve client outcomes. 

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Transformational Trainings

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Discover Why People are Traveling From Around the Country to Attend This Training!

Our upcoming Reiki Intensive Training is unlike any other training in the WORLD!

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Laura Ahern

Through her transformational programs, groundbreaking healing modality, and mediumship abilities, Laura Ahern has inspired thousands of clients worldwide to discover their unique authentic-self so that they can live in true alignment with their passion and joy while sharing their gifts with the world.

Laura has proven that no matter what has held you back until now... you have the POWER to reclaim your life and live it on your terms, with passion, excitement, and abundant health! You CAN do what you love, sustainably, in full authentic alignment with your true desires. All of the answers reside within you and can be uncovered through her programs, trainings, & enlightened insight.

With her foundations in psychology as a Penn State graduate and advance studies in Transpersonal Psychology & Metaphysical Sciences, Laura blends her healing & innate spiritual gifts of spiritual channeling with neuroscience based philosophies to train uniquely qualified & confident healers in living a life of purpose & fulfillment. Through her Divinely channeled modality of Ascension Healing ℠, Laura supports clients in releasing subconscious programming so that they are free to live the life that they came here to live!

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do you desire to

  • Enhance your healing abilities
  • Understand how subtle invisible energy impacts our health
  • Interpret messages that our spirit is communicating
  • Connect more deeply with your own spirit & spiritual guidance

Does This Resonate With You?

You are empathic, kind, and self-aware. You seek more meaning, and deeper connection & understanding of life. You desire to release heaviness, and experience more joy and freedom within yourself & with others.

  • You desire to have a greater impact... but have self-doubt whether a spiritual path is meant for you.
  • You desire to explore a deeper spiritual connection... but don't know who to trust to guide you or whether it will be a bunch of "woo woo" crap.
  • You are getting more uncomfortable & feeling stuck with life... but fear that you've missed your opportunity to choose a new path & have success with it.
  • Yet, you know deep down that... the time to walk your path is NOW! & waiting is no longer an option.


What New Graduates Have To Say...


"My life has truly changed ever since I received Reiki I and II training from Laura. I was nervous that it wouldn’t work on me and Laura reassured me that it works on everyone because we are all powerful in different ways and this is a natural way of being. Laura sent us manuals for each training, which was extremely helpful as we went through them throughout the weekend and now I have something to reference on the future. She was extremely thorough and answered all of our questions to the point that I wasn’t even nervous anymore by the time we received our attunements. This Distance Training opened up an entire new world for me. To see the power in which I hold and the love I have for helping others. The magic of that entire weekend helped me see who I am at my core and what I am capable of. I cannot recommend this training enough to anyone who feels called to do it. It will change your life!"



"Since undertaking Reiki I and II training with Laura, my life has transformed profoundly. Initially skeptical, I sought Laura's training to explore my connection with spirit, and she exceeded my expectations! Her extraordinary ability to read energy and convey spiritual insights opened new levels of understanding for me. Laura's thoroughness and precision in addressing questions dispelled any skepticism. This training offers an unmatched fusion of concepts and fresh techniques, illustrating Laura's exceptional knowledge across physical, mental, and spiritual realms. Her deeply invested approach makes this a beautiful and transformative experience. I highly recommend Laura's training for those seeking to explore their capabilities, discover their power, and enhance spiritual awareness."



"Enrolling in Laura's Reiki I and II training was a transformative experience that has profoundly impacted my life. From the start, Laura's reassuring guidance and belief in the innate power within each of us created an empowering atmosphere. The depth of knowledge she shared during the training surpassed my expectations, and allowed me to understand and connect with my own spiritual messages more clearly. Her ability to explain complex concepts while unveiling my unique gifts instilled a newfound confidence and peace within me. Laura has given me the courage to share my offerings with new clients & while properly valuing my gifts. I wholeheartedly recommend this training to anyone feeling called to explore their own capabilities and embark on a journey of self-discovery & spiritual connection. Laura's approach is not just about learning Reiki; it's an invitation to uncover the magic within and share it for the betterment of others."


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Discover your power within by experiencing this exclusive Reiki Training held in this "never been done before" location! By the time you complete this training you will be a completely new YOU, not to mention a certified Reiki Practitioner - capable & confident to support others!

In this course, you will learn:

  • ​Experience Enhanced Spiritual & Intuitive Connection, so that you can decipher your own energetic & spiritual messages.
  • Amplify Your Vitality, so you can become a conduit for healing yourself & those you love.
  • ​Heal Across Space & Time, so you can harness your ability to send healing to any place, time or event whether past, present, or future.


What Re-Certified Professionals Have To Say...


"I was already a Reiki Master prior to receiving my Reiki Level I & II Training with Laura. Although I had previously been attuned by talented professionals, I didn’t feel very connected to my gift and still doubted the impact I was having with clients. Laura’s gift of being able to see people’s energy systems while simultaneously translating what she’s seeing into words, gives her knowledge that I believe very few others have access to. On account of it, the depth of and inspiration behind her training was so far above and beyond what I believe most Reiki Practitioners are able to provide. The information she provided and the way she presented it instilled a new sense of confidence in me, and having the extra knowledge about how our energy systems function has allowed me to hear my own spiritual messages more clearly and channel guidance to others. Most incredibly, the attunement I received was absolutely life changing. It unveiled my unique healing gifts, which has amplified my ability to provide profound transformations to my clients. I am deeply grateful to discover my power and share it for the betterment of others!"



"Before I enrolled in Laura's training I was already a Reiki Master, Pure Energy Healing Practitioner, was certified in Crystal Healing, and had studied various other modalities of Energy Healing. I was practicing Energy Healing and knew this was the direction I was intended to travel here. After a life shaking medical event I was called to reach out to Laura who I had known for many years and also had received Energy Healing and guidance from in the past. It became blatantly clear through synchronicities and strong intuition that I was being called to Laura's program as a pivotal part of my life's journey. I enrolled in her Reiki training and never looked back! This training was like none I had participated in before, it was so very different in a beautiful way. This is NOT a cookie cutter program designed to teach everyone to conform to a set methodology; it IS a program designed to guide you in harnessing your own unique healing gifts, exercise your intuition, and to fully step into your life's purpose. Laura's teaching is such a beautiful knit of so many things that have resonated for me in other modalities and trainings intermixed with beautiful new ideas and techniques. Laura's intentions are clear through her energy and actions: to guide you in becoming the most powerful healer you are intended to be! I cannot begin to put into words the exponential beauty of the healing sessions with my clients since taking Laura's Reiki training. I am eternally grateful that I answered that call from my Family in Spirit to reach out to Laura and make that life changing decision!"



"When I pursued training with Laura, I had already confidently practicing as a Reiki Master, after receiving in-person trainings local to where I live. I sought Laura’s Distance Training after feeling called to take my spiritual gifts to another level. Laura’s ability to read energy and intuitively know things on a higher level makes her trainings extremely unique and unsurpassed. She goes above and beyond, sharing an exceptional depth of knowledge from the physical, cognitive, and spiritual functionings of human nature while teaching students how to apply this knowledge in their healings. Her training is unlike anything you can find elsewhere. She is empowering, passionate, enthusiastic, and has extensive knowledge channeled from a Divinely inspired source. I received all three levels of certification through her Distance Reiki Training Program and experience a much more intimate, personalized, and impactful experience than my previous in-person training. My training and attunements unveiled invaluable lessons to me about my path, my journey, and how to better value myself and my gifts. To say this training is life changing would be an understatement."




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Discover how we graduate MORE Uniquely Qualified & Confident Healers than any other certification program!

Click The Button below to watch our "3 Secrets to Live Your Life With Purpose Now, where you will discover the secret to HOW we graduate more Uniquely Qualified & Confident Healers than any other Reiki Training program!