Are Emotions Your Spiritual Superpower?!

Monday, January 08, 2024

The Energy Linguist/Are Emotions Your Spiritual Superpower?!

Are Your Emotions An Indicator of Your Spiritual Superpower?

You might be an Empath!

Do you identify as an emotionally sensitive person?
Are you sensitive to others energy?
Do you “sense” when something is going to happen? or
Feel overwhelmed in crowds?

If so… you might be a powerful Spiritual Healer… you might be an Empath!

But what's an Empath?

It took me many years to fully understand and embrace that my heightened emotions were actually a rare Spiritual Gift. In fact, many Empaths suffer from anxiety, overwhelm, depression, and physical or mental exhaustion. However, once your Empathic gift is acknowledged and supported, Empaths hold the key to healing themselves and the planet at large. In fact, Empaths are a POWERFUL trifecta of Spiritual Healing (... but hang tight, we’ll get there in another post). First, it is important to understand more about who we are as Empaths.

Empaths are people who possess a spiritual gift of being able to actually feel other people’s feelings, as if these feelings are their own. Often, prior to identifying and embracing their spiritual gifts, these experiences can lead to misidentifying with intense emotions causing physical, mental, and emotional fatigue and overwhelm.

An Empath’s energetic sensitivity is not the same as relating to (sympathizing with) someone else's feelings. Empaths are not just "putting themselves in someone else's shoes", they actually feeling someone else’s feelings if they are their own. (Yes, I repeated that for a reason!) Empaths often experience feelings so strongly that it can be hard to decipher whether or not they are theirs. But once an Empath discovers this Spiritual Gift, it can be harnessed for their own good, as well as the good of the ENTIRE planet.

If you are a nature lover, animal lover, or lover of mankind, the gift of being an Empath can be harnessed to heal and bless all that you love, and MORE.

One unique quality of Empaths is that they do not need to have experienced a similar situation in order to experience the other’s emotions. Instead, they are an advanced sensory system, sensing and absorbing the actual emotion that the other person is feeling, not just their interpretation of it. Please trust, if YOU are experiencing this, it is for a POWERFUL REASON and you are meant to do something spectacular with this gift.

Since Empaths are energetically sensitive to others and have the ability to feel what others are feeling, they can sometimes find themselves overwhelmed while in large groups of people, in certain social situations, around intense and/or toxic people, or even while watching something stressful on television. Their heightened energetic sensitivities cause them to absorb the energy of those around them, experiencing and sharing in the energetic vibrations of others. At times, this can be both exhausting and overwhelming. 

But there is hope…

To prevent emotional and/or physical overwhelm and to successfully manage the empathic response, it is suggested that Empaths learn and become attuned to Reiki, even if they do not plan to practice it. Reiki is a powerful tool for energetic grounding, support, and strengthening, and can help empaths manage and protect their energy field. Empaths not only benefit from Reiki training and attunements, but can greatly benefit from routine Reiki care and other subtle energy healing modalities. Reiki’s ability to energetically ground Empaths, while providing protective barriers to their energy system, helps to alleviate overwhelm, soothe anxiety, and provide clarity on how to navigate through emotional situations.

It is important for Empaths to recognize their abilities and seek support to energetically protect themselves in order to prevent excessive overwhelm that can lead to depression, isolation, and darkness. Thankfully, subtle energy healing is accessible to everyone through Distance Reiki and Spiritual Guidance, no matter their location. AND 3OMs holds local in-person events in an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL local to provide additional support and healing to you! If you would like to learn more about our upcoming events, this transformative location, and the power of Reiki, click the link below. It is my passion to help you discover your power!

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