The Most Powerful Force In The Universe

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The Energy Linguist/The Most Powerful Force In The Universe

What is the most POWERFUL force in the Universe?

The answer is... YOU! But which part of you? And how do you leverage this power?

You might be shocked (or doubtful) that YOU are in fact the most POWERFUL force in the Universe, but the truth is undeniable. Of all of the creatures on this planet, you are the only one who can leverage your creative power by consciously interrupting and redirecting your mind. Your ability to do this is proof that you (your imagination) is not only the most powerful force in the Universe, but is the Creator of the Universe.

But which part of you is more powerful, the physical self or spiritual self? Which has more influence over your life? This answer might also surprise you.

First, it is important to understand the context of spiritual. Some of you might be thinking “I am not spiritual”, as if it is something you can choose. You may not be “religious”, but I assure you, you ARE spiritual. You are a spirit in human form. And this Spirit that you are is literally pulsating life into the physical expression of you that you see in the mirror every day. 

As modern technology equipment has advanced, science has also been heavily interested in investigating this invisible power. And today, science is supporting (through concepts such as String Theory) that we are vibrating energy that manifests into the physical.

As science dives more and more into this “invisible realm” with the hopes to see the unseeable, we are faced with the fact that what gives life to our physical form is our spirit, our vital life energy force, THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE. And as humans with the ability to consciously direct our thoughts and emotions, the capacity to impact what we are physically experiencing becomes limitless. Whether you are experiencing physical, mental, or emotional pain, attracting poor outcomes or bad relationships, or living in exhaustion with a lack of joy and purpose, it can all be changed by leveraging the same force… the power of you. Your spirit.

I have experienced this POWER being unleashed in my own life and through supporting thousands of clients across the globe to discover and embrace their own unique power. And YOU CAN LEVERAGE YOUR POWER TOO. Not only can you impact your current experiences of this physical world (and physical self), but you can leverage it to create the life of your dreams. But first, you must connect more intimately with your Spirit.

So, what is more powerful, your physical or spiritual self?... SURPRISE… it was kind of a trick question. The answer is, both. They are both equally powerful because they are both the same you. Your spiritual self is not separate from your physical self. The spiritual you creates the physical expression of you, and your physical actions and intentionality can impact your spiritual power.

To discover how to begin uniting (and therefore leveraging) both your physical and spiritual self to change your reality, click the link below to learn “3 Secrets to Discover Your Soul’s Calling” and learn more ways in which we can help you to explore your own power. 

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